miercuri, 6 ianuarie 2010

What is love?!

What is love? We have always wondered this! Even in the 6th or 7th grade when we used to complete each others' "oracles". It was quite a stupid question to ask a 13 year-old teen what is love. As if we had known! :)) Though, I still remember with pleasure those moments, those feelings, the first glimpse, the first smiles and the first shivers. I can recall all those feelings as it happened a month ago. Perhaps those were the most pure feelings I've ever had. Not if now I don't love but the first touch of soul remains something special. Not for everyone. But there are enough who know what am I talking about: the moment when we realized that we are in love, the moment when you could find an answer to the question "what is love". Along the time the perception of love changed. Now we tend to rationalize more. Feelings grow older with constant use. We mold our souls and feelings day by day.
Thanks to my memories I can still remember the first glimpses, the first smiles, the first shivers of what we call love!

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